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 Read this before you make recruitment post!

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Your mother fucker
Your mother fucker

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Read this before you make recruitment post! Empty
PostSubject: Read this before you make recruitment post!   Read this before you make recruitment post! EmptyWed Jan 13, 2010 1:13 am

Hello. In order to join our clan, you have to answer to few questions regarding your person, char status and more as you can see below:

01. Char name, classes.
02. Your previous chars and clans.
03. Your equipment (Tattoos, set, jewels, weapon
04. Where are you from?
05. Do you have any friends in RedLabel?
06. How long you playing on x200 and L2 at all?
07. Why you want to join us. Explain with details.
08. Can you participate on sieges? (saturday and sunday)
09. Your name and age.

After you make a post with this information, you have to wait an approval from leaders for joining. In case you get approved, visit the topic - Access to "Clan members only" section.
Joining our clan, gives you some privileges such as AIO buffs (when there is available one), participating in epic raids and getting share of the obtained jewel, sieges, pvp's etc. Considering this, we expecting from you to be a loyal, active and helpful member, otherwise you will get kicked Twisted Evil Good luck and have fun!

P.S by Ugur: If you get kicked from clan for some various reasons, do not CRY in pm's. For getting a better point of view by us, make a topic and copy paste the piece of codes (made by dobri above) and not post in other topics, create ur own topic in a GOOD WAY.

Look above for the good way on making a topic (the lines 1 to 9), i see some topics very ugly and this will give a low chance for invite into clan.

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Read this before you make recruitment post!
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